I have no idea why I’m actually going to sports try-outs

I’m not going to get a place and I’m ok with that tbh

I’m no good at most sports (I refuse to believe I’m less than average at rounders/ netball)

It’s one of those things I’m so bad at that I’ve never “tried” because I don’t want to try and fail lol (I used to pretend I needed to tie my shoelaces when we were checking for the fastest runners for sports days oops)

^It’s arrogance tbh - I refuse to believe I’m bad/ terrible at anything 

On sports day, I used to only partake in strength activities such as shot-put and tug-of-war and I was good at those because I was more weighty than my competition bwahahaha

but yeah, if I get a spot in anything I’ve signed up for then Imma treat myself to Nandos 

Hopefully I’ll get kickboxing :D because I can fight!!